Hi. We’ve met before. (Music fades in) Probably. Or not. I don’t… I don’t know. I jumped into this whole podcasting thing after lurking for a long time, and I still don’t understand how people find their shows. You know, that’s how I am with the entire social internet, if I am to be completely honest. Like… I had a Twitter account for years that I have never tweeted from. I didn’t really use it. At least, not in the (quote) “social” way. I really just liked being moderately engaged or informed on global affairs and looking at cute animal pictures. And Twitter is great for both superficial information and cute animals. Neat.

            Well, not exactly neat. There’s a lot more to the internet than that. And I’m bad at most of it.

            And you know what else? I think a lot of people aren’t great at socializing, but I might be one of the few who fail in a digital context. Maybe don’t think too much about that if you don’t want a sudden controversy. Because I promise I am getting to that. In time.

(Music fades out and new music fades in)

            If you didn’t know about my other podcast, The Oracle of Dusk, I’m really curious how you managed to find this one, but hi, let me catch you up. The important thing is that The Oracle of Dusk, whose titular character is named Delphi or calls herself Delphi, has a Twitter account. Or the show has a Twitter account with her name on it to create some sort of immersion. And that was the point. I mean, Step 1 immersion. Step 2, a series of questions marks. Step 3. Fan base.

Okay in terms of a plan, that isn’t so great, but I thought that’s what other people were doing, even if I didn’t understand it. So that had to be the thing to do right? And this may seem cold—why couldn’t I do that too? I mean I had this story to tell, and people might find it mildly interesting. But only if they can hear it.

            So I made the show and then the Twitter account and started off only making in-character tweets. I built up the account, connected with other audio fiction fans and creators, kept tweeting, made more connections, kept tweeting… And all the while, I was trying to maintain a distinct all-lowercase style—to the chagrin of autocorrect.

            But then that stopped, and then before or… I don’t know, but it wasn’t me tweeting as Delphi anymore. It was something else and whatever it was I don’t know if I understand it. But it felt familiar. It has happened before. I know that, and I know that this is something I need to talk about.

            The Oracle of Dusk is Delphi’s story. Now, I need to tell mine.

(Gradual music fades out)