Miscellany Media Reviews

1. Twilight - Was it ACTUALLY Educational?

2. Within the Wires - Sometimes We Care Too Much (Remastered)

3. The Fault in Our Stars - On Connections

4. Violent Evergarden - Things I Need to Say

5. A Brief Discussion on Musicals and a Bonus

6. Welcome to Night Vale - [TITLE REDACTED]

7. Some Thoughts on Father's Day From Someone Who No Longer Has a Dad

8.  Five Centimeters per Second - Is That a Good Speed?

9. Finding Nemo, Dory, and So Much More in the Same Patch of Ocean

10. Les Miserables - Questions Wrongly Asked and Answered

11. Within the Wires (Revisted) - Things Worth Caring About (Is M One of Them?)

12. An Abundance of Katherines – But Not a Remarkable Amount, I Guess…

13. Your Lie in April - The Songs We Chose to Play

14. Podcast Medley #1

15. Socrates in Love - Beautiful Disturbances

16. “Unanswered Prayers” - Nothing Can Last Forever

17. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before [And books I was told not to love]

18 Anomalisa - Broken Visions

19. Podcast Medley #2

20. Fangirl - Our Secret Anchors

21. Courage the Cowardly Dog [And the cowardly kid…]

22. An Absolutely Remarkable Thing – Or so we try to be…

23. The Nightmare Before Christmas […is still technically a holiday.]

24. “Coraline” - The Other Side of our Doors

25. Are You Afraid of the Dark? [Obviously But That’s Not the Point…]

26. Podcast Medley #3

27. Les Miserables (The Musical) –Love, Simple as that

28. Alice Isn’t Dead (And Neither is Keisha nor M… not yet anyway)

29. Spirited Away - How to Navigate a Storm

30. A Monster Calls - The Stories We Carry With Us

31. Nailed It Or We Can Hope…

32. Pokemon - Gotta Get By with the Ones You Have?

33. On Revolution (Of Various Types)

34. Welcome to Night Vale - Unless You’re Time… Time Is Not Welcome

35. Welcome to Night Vale - Unless You're Time… Time is not welcome (Part 2)

36. P.S. I Love You (From Wherever I'm Sending This)

37. Alice Isn’t Dead - The Power of Our Voices

38. Pokemon and Hetalia - The Different Journeys We Take (Assuming We Do Anything...)

39. Justifying Your Netflix Binges

40. A Jane Eyre Type Story (Maybe)

41. Palimpsest - Something to Consider

42. Anna Karenina - The Book as a Review Subject

43. Mob Psycho 100 - My Version of 100…

44. Mary and Max (And Someone I “Lost”)

45. The Poisonwood Bible - And the Line-Work Therein.

46. I Am Going to Make it through this Year

47. Eleanor & Park (And all… “Difficult” Books)

48. Podcast Saga Part 1 - Are they Just Radio 2.0?

49. Podcast Saga Part 2 - The Beginning

50. Podcast Saga Part 3 - Barriers of Entry, What are they?

51. Podcast Saga Part 4 - What about the audience?

52. Podcast Saga Part 5 - Why Podcasts (And Accessing Them) Matter

53. Podcast Saga Part 6 - Missteps on the Road to…

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