New Developments and Welcoming EVERYONE to Miscellany Media

Our corner of the podcasting work may be very small and very mediocre, but if you want to be here, we want you here.

So, to that end, you'll notice a new page on our website called "Transcripts."

Going forward, we're going to make it a priority to post transcripts of our episodes as they are post for anyone who needs/wants them. It's something we probably should have done from the beginning, but no one at Miscellany Media had thought of it. Our bad. Super our bad. We're trying to make it right now.

What do we need from you? Patience. Literally just patience.

Because we should have done this sooner, we still have a few episodes in the backlog to transcribe. While they're largely scripted, there's enough improv and editing cuts that would make it irresponsible to just post the script. Add to that, our webpage manager has literally never managed a website before (also broke our RSS feeds a while back, but shhhh don't talk about that). So.... links might not work the way we all want them to. Also our next major launch will be in the "Two people talking" genre which presents complications, but with your patience, we'll get through! Promise.

We'll have designated tumblrs for these transcripts too once we get through the backlog. But that's phase two.

If you need transcripts for whatever reason, we're sorry we didn't welcome you sooner. We weren't paying attention to the door. We are now. Come on in. We have snacks!

Best wishes!!!!