Socrates in Love - Beautiful Disturbances

An episode in which M talks about a book you've probably never heard of because foreign literature seldom makes it into the US market and even when a book is... Good like finding it. But Socrates in love is one of M's favorite books, so she wants to talk about it.

And also about love. That's an appealing topic, right?

Transcript available at our website.

Topic of Today's Episode:
Socrates in Love by Koichi Katayama

Recommend reading (like I promised in the podcast)

For the basics on Socrates
[Yay for public domain]
The Republic, The Trial and Death of Socrates, and Symposium
all by Plato and possibly all available for free.

Socrates: A Very Short Introduction
by C. C. W. Taylor
[Not for free by the series of very short introductions is relatively inexpensive.]

Additional readings
[yay for supporting academics...? But seriously get these from a library because academic press books can genuinely be really expensive but these are the ones I try to force onto my friends. And yes, I am a hit at parties.]

Socrates and Aristophanes
by Leo Strauss
Socratic Citizenship
by Dana Villa
Virtue is Knowledge
by Lorraine Smith Pangle

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