Episode 50: Podcast Saga Part 3 - Barriers of Entry, What are they?

Can anyone make a podcasts? Yes and No...

What's the actual barrier of entry to podcasting?

Podcasts Mentioned
Welcome to Night Vale

And... Maybe you want to check out The Oracle of Dusk?

1. Thompson, Dennis F. 2010. Representing future generations: political presentism and democratic trusteeship. Critical Review of International and Political Philosophy 13(1): 17-37. https://dash.harvard.edu/handle/1/9464286

2. YouTube’s Panics


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The Fault in Our Stars - On Connections

The Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS), the "romantic tragedy" film that hit the top of the box office in the summer of 2014. It's a great story, a great book, and a great movie (despite being an adaptation). And it's a love story. Love is great and all, but we connect to people in other ways. Here are the thoughts of someone who saw that movie twice during its opening weekend.

Topic of this Episode
The Fault in Our Stories (2014) directed by Josh Boone
Based on the 2012 novel by John Green

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