Episode 2: Beginnings

Last week, Marcy told you a bit about her origins, but what about those of the Filipino people? Well, prehistory is a difficult thing to nail down, particularly in a 30 minute podcast, but she’ll try…

Wait…… how did we get to this?


Next Week: Filipino mythology! Which is actually what Marcy wanted to talk about, but it seemed a little heavy handed to not at least mention this stuff.


Some recommended readings/references….

(Disclaimer: Some of these books are absurdly hard to find. They are long out of print, and the interest just isn’t there for another run. As I find more, I’ll update this list.)



Beyer, Henry Otley (author), Mario D Zamora (ed) (1967) Studies in Philippine Anthropology (in Honor of H. Otley Beyer). Alemar Phoenix., 1967

            Anything Beyer wrote is pretty obscure. Which is odd because his work should be in the public domain, right?  That’s a genuine question.

Landa, Jocano, F.  Filipino Indigenous Ethnic Communities: Patterns, Variations, and Typologies. Quezon City: Punlad Research House, Inc., 1998

Landa, Jocano, F.  Filipino Prehistory: Rediscovering Precolonial Heritage. Quezon City: Punlad Research House, Inc., 1998

            Also somewhat difficult, but that might be because these were originally published in the Philippines, and I was looking in the US.


Garcia, Mauro (1979) Readings in Philippine prehistory. Manila: Filipiniana Book Guild.


Fox, Timothy and Duane R. Sneddeker, From the Palaces to the Pike: Visions of the 1904 World's Fair. St. Louis: Missouri Historical Society Press, 1997.

Gilbert, James. Whose Fair?: Experience, Memory, and the History of the Great St. Louis Exposition (2009)


DNews. “Callao Man' Could Redraw Filipino History.” Seeker, Seeker, 27 Nov. 2012, www.seeker.com/callao-man-could-redraw-filipino-history-1766074602.html.

Henderson, Barney. “Archaeologists Unearth 67,000-Year-Old Human Bone in Philippines.” The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 3 Aug. 2010, www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/philippines/7924538/Archaeologists-unearth-67000-year-old-human-bone-in-Philippines.html.


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